Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Widget that will Improve Your Blogger Blog

Kita suka tak kalau masuk blog, lepas tu tunggu loading tak siap-siap! Elok-elok nak baca, terus pegi tekan "X" terus! Geram pun ada kan!

Itu mungkin berpunca daripada internet yang slow ataupun blog tu sendiri yang 'berat'. Sebab apa berat? Mungkin sebab sarat dengan Widgets yang banyak atau 'berat untuk loading". Contoh ada applications yang gerak-gerak laaa, kelip-kelip laaa, terbang sana-sini laaa. Alahai! Nak cantik dan meriah punya pasal, sudahnya readers X terus.

Ni saya nak share hasil carian Google tentang Widgets yang dapat bantu tingkatkan blog kita. Maksudnya Widgets yang penting dan wajib ada kat blog kita. Haaaa, cuba baca, ada tak Widget untuk yang saya sebut kat atas.

Widgets or Gadgets as we all use to call them unlike in Word press they call them Plug-in, they are very important and they play an important role for SEO also. Therefore in this article I’ am going to show you what are important widgets or Gadgets that you should use for your Blogger blog, so that you can make your Blog better.

In the earlier stages when I first started Blogging, I add as many gadgets as I wanted and I end up deleting them later on because some of them are of no use. This is one of the mistakes that I have made and I don’t want you to make the same mistakes that I have made. But you should note that not all widgets are useless, there might be some that will work for you and not for me. In this article I’ am going to show you only the important widgets that every Blog should have.

In this article, I have included:
1.       Most important Widget.
2.       How to insert them. (except for no. 3) Which I will be showing in my next post.

The most important widgets are, (only four of them)

#1 Subscription widget: This is the most important widget that you should have in your blog. I have seen that some Blogs don’t have this widget, sometimes when someone wants to subscribe to their blog they cannot because they don’t have this widget and in the end you will lose a ton of traffic. Use this widget so that it will benefit your readers, who wanted to get your latest article.
I have written an article on How to offer subscription to your readers. Click here

#2 Popular Post Widget: This is also one of the widgets that you should use for your Blog so that that your readers will know what are the most popular article in your Blog and when they see that widget they will get entice to see your popular article and that is important for your Blog so that it will increased your page views. Therefore you should try it.

#3 Facebook Page widget: If you have a Facebook page you should have this widget, having this widget help your readers to like your page and get the updates from your page through Facebook and that in turn will increase your traffic, you can also use the twitter widget if you think that it will help you.

#4 Google Plus Badge or Followers: Last but not the least, the Google Plus widget is also important since it will help your readers to add you in Google Plus and in turn when you write a new post it will be updated also to your Google plus profile, when that post gets more 1+, it is said that you will rank higher in Google search engine, won’t that help your blog, yes, it will surely help your blog.

Semoga bermanfaat. Jumpa lagi. Wassalam.

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